To get the most out of the latest first-person shooter (FPS), sports, racing, and other fast-action games, you'll not only need a gaming PC with a powerful graphics solution, you'll need a monitor that can display the action without subjecting you to blurred images, flicker, tearing, and other motion artifacts. FPS Monitor - первая специальная программа, которая покажет вам не только цифры FPS, как старый добрый Fraps, но и множество других параметров, характеризующих поведение вашей железки в игре. So if you haven't read it yet, maybe its the right time to do so. Читайте нашу новую антикризисную рубрику «60 FPS».

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This game is worth waiting for. I got this game free with my new 970 and I just played the first episode. To be honest I was expecting something not much better than MGS Ground Zeros but WOWOWOW! It is incredibly immersive and, so far, fucking excellent. It’s like 2am and I just can’t leave it alone so far an excellent game. I’m not telling you this as a cock-tease but to tell you that it’s worth waiting for cos it’s very very good. Stop whining and whinging about the crack; we all know it will be out before too long cos CPY will work their magic and help us all out.

Remember: BE PATIENT it’s worth the wait. Don’t wanna give away any spoilers but it’s kinda like a mixture of military and supernatural can’t wait to see what happens next. And please retain the way you cut the parts. En este tema concreto de la web taringa se habla de los avances del crack y encontrareis varios enlaces a la web de 3DM que parecen haber actualizado el estado del crack como finalizado y aseguran que sera lanzado hoy día 7 de septiembre de 2015 a las 8 del horario chino, con lo cual mañana día 8 por la mañana debería estar subido en algún sitio.

There is one reason why they tooked Denuvo Protection: The more you can slow down piracy, the more you can sell!

Every media is talking positivly about it! And i think i will have my great moments with it! A pity that Kojima has splitted with Konami. Japan company’s was the best in video games since NES era, but now CAPCOM only sell remade games and the last ones was shit, like devil may cry, street fighter, resident evil and no more megaman, konami will walk the same path the only good games on that developer was castlevania and of course kojimas games, but know the only Japanese company that is update with good ideas and with today’s gamer`s needs is squarenix, but the last FF13 was terrible (my opinion), now he cant join the new blood of japan game developers like Platinum Games, the old one`s are dying every year like CRAPCOM Konami will follow look only the PES saga is poor every year.

Some times people need a change to evolve. There has been several studies done on the impact of piracy. The primary reason you can’t count a person who pirates media merchandise as potential profits is because the overwhelming majority of pirates have no intention and or means of purchasing said product. What WHAt what I thing that we are lost we will have to leave play games in pakistan the poor people cant buy games just only we can play cracked games and we happy.

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But now they greedy bastards have ruined our happiness. Please somebody make solution of this denuvo in the world there is no any good hacker any genius?

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Now i dont want any to reply me like earn money and someting because you have no idea what is life in pakistan so please come in pakistan earn money and then tell me. Waiting for a solution, and however thanks a lot for your work! Acabo de descargar el crack y no me funciona me pone que debo dfe estar conectado a steam, como el compañero de arriba, podeis indicarme q puede estar fallando, es cierto q en win 8 no funciona?

I always downloaded the games from skidrow at torrent link. How does this downloads works? The crack doesn’t work it says that i have to go online on steam for the first launch any ideas?

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Nice try guys but it doesn’t work. Copyied the update then copied the crack; start the game and just sits there with a white screen. I appreciate your effort but you’ll have to keep tyring cos this does not work.

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I cant change language to spanish in 3dm. Is the crack or this is not multi? Ok guys, i played right now and the game is playable only the prologue When we end the prologue the game crash and don’t load. So we must need to wait them fix it. For change the language u start the game and in the first menu u can find one thing called something like delete save data. I dont know the exactly name. So u delete the data and u can start the game since zero then u can choose your language in a selector. Ah it’s 3DM who cracked this game? I troll it just because it’s 3DM, they’re so bad in cracking game, I don’t care completly you don’t like my comment, it’s not troll but reality and only the truth, if you like gaming when it’s crashing all 10 minutes, no problem!

Nope i m on win7 and this crack doesn’t work. Gracias por el crack a la página skidrowgames:) Y gracias tambien a “Marino” por el detalle de cambiar la zona horaria, me traia loco el no poder jugar y no sabia por qué. Thanks for the crack to skidrowgames page:) And thanks also to “Marino” for detail to change the time zone, brought me crazy not being able to play and not know why. If you want to buy games at bargain prices this is the place credetemi.

Steam is currently offline mode.

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For the first launch go in online mode. Select “steam” in the upper left corner, “Go online”, connect to the internet, and follow the instrutions. I’ve just downloaded the game, but i dont know how to install it, since it has nothing to burn or execute:(im a little bit noob and lost, but maybe your knowledge could help this little and lost soul. Don’t work CRACK V2 [WINDOWS 7/8/8. When you are inside of the ambulance scaping the game crash (Problem with Windows 8) i deleted the save game, have something to see with that?

If this happens then it wont work on your system because this issue prevails on Processor that dont support SSE4. I’ve installed everything, followed the instructions with the updates and cracks and everything seemed to work just fine.

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I’ve searched through the comments and Google as well but haven’t found much. I’ve restarted the PC, multiple times. Tried reinstalling everything, checking audio settings and making sure it’s not 5. Since the moment I open the game I have no audio. Not in the main menu and neither when the game starts. Nobody else has this problem? I’m running the game on Windows 7 btw.

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For change languege try to delete the save game, edit 3dmgame. Ini and restart the game, with me it’s done! When i start the game,check an error that says: steam is currently in offline mode, for the first launch go in online mode. Select “steam” in the upper left corner, “go online”, connect to the internet, and follow the instruction. Afterwards restart the game. Somewhere else experienced this problem? Bien sur que c’est de la vraie merde ce crack, foireux au possible, comme toujours avec 3DM et vas y qu’il faut que je te change l’horaire, que je te change la langue et que je me bouffe des crashs toutes les dix minutes, mais va leur expliquer à ces teubés, ils comprennent rien!

Is this game just files?

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Any one has the same? How did you install the game and crack? Rd attempt: without compatibility on, clock settings changed in UTC+08. Th attempt: with compatibility on and clock settings changed. Anyone can help me to solve my problems? Dont mess with the compatibility mode. It gives white screen problem, just set it back to vista. And use the hongkong time. My problem is: the file msvcr100. Dll is missing from my pc, someone can help me? The game freeze’s after helicopter crash. When rebooted it seemed ok, then from that point on it keeps failing to save game progress any idea’s?

Don’t worry about the padding files, they are irrelevant, it’s just that the creators of the torrent use an older versoin of the bitcomet program, you can delete all those. I can’t download update and crack v1. When i go to the site for free download it says that i have to be premium member to download so big files. De casualidad tendrás Procesador Phenom II, si es así, nunca te va a iniciar, pues este juego necesita una tecnología que no trae e procesador. Actualmente konami trabaja para hacerlo funcionar. Entiendo lo que te pasa, lo que tienes que hacer es ir al administrador de tareas y en procesos tienes que quitar el proceso del metal gear, y volverlo a iniciar, el tarda un poco cuando tratas de abrir, pero tranquilo que abrirá, si no te funciona, reinicia y ya está, problema solucionado!

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D a mi se me cuelga luego de que matan al tipo que ayuda a snake y posteriormente chocan, así que no sé que hacer. When i escape from hospital and get out of tunnel game crash and stop working i tried to skip cutscene but it crash again i install patch and crack v2 and it crash again and again i have w8. Al completar el prologo a muchos o casi todos os dará algún error por que así es como se ha comentado que el juego presentaba solamente este fallo en toda la campaña.

Para jugar al prologo en el documento 3DMGAME.

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Ini cambias el nombre 3DMGAME por el vuestro y así os creara una partida nueva y carpeta dentro de la carpeta 3DMGAME,en la raiz del juego, después de completarlo os dará un error (se os quedara cargando) entonces. Copiáis la carpeta remote de la carpeta con nombre 3DMGAME a dentro de vuestra carpeta de usuario que hayáis creado. Hola creo que hago todo lo que pones pero cuando el prologo acaba se me cierra completamente el juego, me podrias explicar bien que tengo que hacer?